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AEternal Lights2

Some call them eternal lights or vigil lights. Some are made of solar powered cells and others give their light of memories from the more traditional candles.  Call it what you like... it means “You’re Remembered”!

Battery Powered Hannah’s Light

NEW Hannah’s Light
Battery Powered Cemetery Candles

battery powered cemetary light candles

All Hannah’s Lights Come With A One Year Replacement Warranty.

Select which battery candle....
On during night - off during day (saving battery life)
On Continuously


    We are pleased to be able to offer our new battery powered, cemetery candle.  Named in memory of our daughter, the battery powered “Hannah’s Light”, runs on two ”C” batteries for up to three months.  The candle features a light sensor that turns the candle off during the day, and on during the evening to conserve battery usage.  Offered with a white flame, the solar candle’s circuitry causes the light to flicker gently much like a real flame.  The white flamed candles can be utilized with any color of cylinder.
         Designed specifically with eternal light housings in mind, our new battery cemetery candles will fit in most eternal light fixtures, much like the one pictured below to the right .....
          Featuring a grooved bottom to facilitate moisture drainage from your eternal light housing, as well as coming apart at the middle of the unit, rather than the bottom for battery replacement, prevents corrosion of the internal workings, that other battery operated candles may be prone to.
           Our battery candles light using an LED rather than a traditional bulb.  This means the candle will consistently light, without the hassle of changing bulbs from time to time.
           NOW offering a NEW candle option that will allow the candle to stay on 24 hours a day.  This option must be selected at the time of ordering. This option will reduce the battery life.

           Having overall dimensions of 7 3/4” in height, and 2 3/4” in width, we think you’ll find our battery powered cemetery candles to be a maintenance free and economical option to traditional wax candles, while at the same time being comparable in size and appearance.
Priced at only $39.95 plus shipping.

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This is an example of a typical eternal light housing that the candle could be placed in. (Housing must be purchased separately.)

Standard Eternal Light

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