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AEternal Lights2

Some call them eternal lights or vigil lights. Some are made of solar powered cells and others give their light of memories from the more traditional candles.  Call it what you like... it means “You’re Remembered”!

Solar Crosses

Cross Eternal Light, Perfect for Flower Arrangements

Ideal for:
Floral Arrangements
Cemetery Headstone Urns
Roadside Memorials
Ground Mounting

Before using the solar cross, please remove the plastic covering on the top of the solar panel.  When the batteries are first inserted the cross may light up immediately.  To test the state of the batteries take the solar cross into a dark room, if the light does not come on, the batteries will need a full charge.  Place the solar cross in an area where it will receive full sun.  Charging the batteries will take from 24-48 hours.  If these steps are followed the solar cross should light for 3-4 hours during the winter months, and 5-8 hours during the summer months.

   The Solar Cross is one of our most popular solar products, and among the brightest.  The cross is ideal as a sympathy gift for friends and family, or for your use in your own home or memorial garden. 
   Our Solar Crosses come with two AAA rechargeable  batteries which are recharged by the solar panel mounted on the back of the unit.   A 8 1/4” black plastic stake is included for ground mounting.  
   The large Solar Cross is 14” tall, 10” wide, and 2 3/4” thick.
    If you will be installing the Solar Cross at a cemetery, Thompson Monuments recommends installing it in a vase, to protect the unit from maintenance vehicles (lawn mowers, etc.)
    Affordably priced, the large Solar Cross is $39.95 plus shipping. 

Small and Large Solar Cross- Back
Small and Large Solar Cross- Front

Solar Cross Size


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