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AEternal Lights2

Some call them eternal lights or vigil lights. Some are made of solar powered cells and others give their light of memories from the more traditional candles.  Call it what you like... it means “You’re Remembered”!

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Peace Light offers the following “Vandalism Agreement”

Note: the following is supplied by the manufacturer and not the retailer.
Call for more details

With each “Peace Light” sold is offered the following agreement to be purchased by the customer as an additional option

In consideration of the appropriate payment (see at bottom of page)... the company (Cemeteries Aglow) agrees that it will repair or replace units which are damaged resulting from intentional vandalism for a period of ( dependant of which agreement customer purchases - 1 year, 2 years or 3 years)

This repair or replacement obligation on the part of the company is subject to the following terms and conditions.

1.  The unit registration card must be returned to the Company indicating the date of purchase, the vendor from whom the unit was purchased, and the date and location of the installation on the unit

2.  The unit owner shall be required to pay ALL shipping charges to ship the damaged unit to the Company’s principal office

3.  The Company reserves the right to either repair or replace the damaged unit returned under the agreement.

4.  Disputes arising under this agreement shall be venued in Davison County, SD.

5.  Disputes arising under this agreement shall not cover loss resulting from theft, wind, hail, rain, or other acts of God, but shall cover intentional vandalism only.

6.  Cemeteries Aglow, Inc. has the right to reject or revoke the number of times a Peace Light can be replaced or repaired over a 12 month period.

Charges for this agreement are as follows:
           $19.95 for one year

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