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AEternal Lights2

Some call them eternal lights or vigil lights. Some are made of solar powered cells and others give their light of memories from the more traditional candles.  Call it what you like... it means “You’re Remembered”!

Sentinel Vigil Lights

(“D” cell Battery Operated)

Sentinel Candles, Long Lasting and Life Like!

Note: All colors of these  vigil lights have the cross engraved on them.

Sentinel Candle-Battery Chamber Sentinel Candle-Memorial Compartment

  Our new Sentinel Light is truly remarkable!  Of all of the battery or solar lights that we offer this is definitely the brightest and most “life-like”!  The light has been designed to occasionally flicker, giving the impression of a flame that is being touched by a gentle breeze.
   Battery powered, using as many as 10 “D” size batteries, the Sentinel candle offers you flexibility as to the number of batteries you choose to place within the unit.  Use just two “D” batteries for up to 400 hours of use, or place the maximum of 10 “D” batteries in the housing for 2000 hours (3 months) of use.  Rechargeable batteries can be used within the Sentinel.  Some of our customers have found this to be a cost effective alternative to using traditional batteries.
      The Sentinel Candle, with its refined yet durable design, is appropriate for use indoor or outdoors.  Some applications include use at a grave site, mausoleums, shrines, grottos, churches, funeral homes, etc.
   Offered in the ever popular red or your choice of white, blue, or green, the Sentinel measures 11 1/4” tall, with a diameter of 4 1/4”.  Priced at $199.95 plus shipping.

Inside battery chamber

To see a PDF page that shows installation of batteries CLICK HERE.

Memorial compartment on the top of each “candle”

To see a PDF page that shows installation of memorial items CLICK HERE.

Select Desired Attachment

Select Color of Sentinel


Scroll Down To View The Sentinel’s Attachment Options

Options For Ground Installation

“Arrow” stake for installing into the ground.

“Top Mount” for installation on top of an upright monument base.

Ground Anchor for Sentinel Candle

top mount monument anchor

View the Sentinel in action!

832 kilabyte

Click the icon above,  to see the candle in operation in daylight.

2 megabyte

Click the icon above, to see the candle in operation at night time.

Limited Warranty

Smartlite warrants that this sentinel candle is free from defects in material and workmanship that result in product failure for ninety (90) days from the purchase of this product. This limited warranty extends only to the original purchaser. This warranty does not cover abused or misused product.

Smartlite will repair or replace at Smartlite’s sole option any defective part or any part that will not operate properly.

In no event shall Smartlite be liable for any incidental or conseuential damage arising from the sale or use of this product.

Upon request from Smartlite, customer must prove date of original purchase be a dated itemized receipt.

Customer must pay shipping charges to  the Smartlite factory and Smartlite will return corrected product prepaid to customer.

All questions concerning warranty and shipping instructions on the product must be addresses to Smartlite.


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